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Apples To Apples – Your Best Resource For Electricity And Natural Gas

You can select a new energy provider in Ohio’s deregulated market. Apples to Apples is the official website of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. It allows you to compare prices and sign up for a new plan.

The apples-to-apples comparison tool compares electric and natural gas prices. It’s a great tool to begin the process of searching for a reasonable electric provider in Columbus or any other city in the state of Ohio.

Wattbuy and Apples to Apples have joined forces to make finding an energy provider that is new to you simpler. With us, you’ll be in a position to find plans from top suppliers, choose a supplier that fits your needs and learn about the latest energy trends.

Our natural gas and electric experts will assist you in choosing a plan that fits your needs and budget. We’ll also make sure you get the best rates, plan terms and benefit programs available to you.

Apple’s to Apples – Your most reliable source for electric options

Apples to Apples is a tool made available by the Public Utilities Commission of ohio edison that lets you compare rates and select the provider that best fits your needs. This tool provides numerous details on the gas and electricity markets, such as where power comes from and the routes it takes to reach you.

Apples to Apples by PUCO is a great resource, however, some providers make use of it to increase the cost of your electricity bill through unfair fees and hidden charges. It’s easy to fall victim to a ‘bait and switch’ scam when you choose an approved PUCO provider using this website alone.

You will also need to make sure that the rate you select is from a CRES or Competitive Electricity Retailer. A CRES provider is one that has met strict standards and has been approved.

In addition to providing advantages and rates that are competitive CRES also gives you peace of heart with a fixed electricity price that will not increase. Call Shipley Energy today to start searching for a good provider in Ohio.

First Energy ohio edison

Ohio Edison serves customers throughout northeast and central Ohio and central Ohio, including Akron and its surrounding areas, Youngstown, Elyria, Mansfield and Ashland. They offer several ways to lower your utility bills by implementing simple methods to save energy and incentive programs such as the Easy Cool Rewards program.

Your Electricity Service Provider

Contrary to many utilities, Ohio Edison has a presence on the internet and provides self-service tools that let you start service and stop service, access an outage map and report a tree or lighting problem and request electrical work more all from their web site. You can also use their home energy calculator to determine how much electricity you spend and learn ways to save even more.

Their electrical safety training is a valuable resource for any customer who wants to be prepared in case there is a problem in their service. If it’s a power line that has been damaged or electrical fire, or accident they can help you prepare by providing online training for free.